STC Direct Celebrates a Successful 2019

Can you believe that we are only a few weeks shy of not only entering a new year but a new decade? Our team here at STC Direct is more than excited to tackle 2020, but before we begin planning out our goals, we want to look back on all that we achieved this past year. To say that 2019 treated us well would be an understatement. We traveled in and out of the United States, walked on stage in front of thousands of people to receive recognition for our hard work, and celebrated many milestones as a team. If the upcoming year is anything like our last, then we expect big things! Continue reading for a 2019 recap.

One of our favorite STC Direct work perks is travel! In the past year, we have traveled to Orlando, Vermont, Houston, Mexico, and Baltimore. This doesn’t even include smaller trips that some of our top team members made to visit our other office locations in Lexington and Phoenix. We feel so lucky that we had the privilege to travel as much as we did in 2019. We attended conferences where we networked with top industry leaders and even spent a long weekend in Riviera Maya, MX, to rest, relax and bond with our colleagues. Don’t worry, though, 2020 is shaping up to be even more exciting. Our calendars are already marked for a trip to Las Vegas this February!

In our daily meetings, we speak consistently on the rewards of having a strong work ethic. Understandably, this concept can be challenging to get on board with if you have yet to receive any recognition for your efforts. Well, that is NOT the case for our team! We started the year off by winning our client’s 2018 Campaign Cup while we were in Orlando. This was followed up by a trip this past summer to Houston, where our President, Justin, walked on the big stage to be recognized as our client’s Consistency Manager of the Year! We don’t need shiny trophies to feel successful, but we will never turn one down — especially when they come quarterly!

This past June, we celebrated a HUGE milestone here at STC Direct. We turned seven years old! For the past seven years, we’ve dedicated our time, our resources, and our mentalities to the success of our business, and we are thrilled to say that it was all worth it. In the past year alone, we have watched many of our team members reach new heights professionally, and knowing that our efforts over the years are helping others reach their potential is the greatest gift that we could receive.

As you can see, 2019 was a hit! We adventured all around the world, were recognized for having a productive year, and celebrated seven years of growth. What more could we ask for? We hope that 2020 brings us equal happiness, career growth for our team members, and the opportunity to provide more services for our clients. Complacency is not a word that we know well here at STC Direct. We are always looking for new goals to hit and new adventures to tackle. Stay tuned because we plan on doing great things in this new decade!


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