How to Achieve Success – One Achievement at a Time

What do you see when you envision success? Are you sitting in a high-rise office building surrounded by nameless employees or are you sitting in a coffee shop learning about the goals of your newest team member? This vision matters, because it determines the kind of leader that you are developing in to. Success is more than a word. It is an accumulation of years of hard work, accomplishments, and most importantly, of the people that you have positively impacted. Today, we want to discuss the path that our team here at STC Direct is on. They show up every day ready to put in the work needed to build skills and habits that will guarantee their future success. Are you interested in walking this path with them? Great! Focus on the three habits listed below and you will set yourself up for a solid, meaningful future!

Set Daily Goals

We know that all of your life you’ve been told to think long-term. Well, we are here to tell you to throw that out of the window. You know what you want long-term. You want to be successful in your industry and to help others achieve success as well. What you need to focus on are your short-term goals. At the end of the day, make a plan for tomorrow. What do you need to get accomplished, what are your goals, what are your time restraints? Answering these questions and writing out your schedule will help you tackle every moment of every day with purpose and make those long term goals a reality!

Surround Yourself with Successful People

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you are a reflection of the people that you surround yourself with”? These words are absolute gold for someone looking to better themselves. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. It’s a simple concept, really. By spending your time with your mentors or people you aspire to be like, you are getting direct access to their past experiences and to all of the skills, they have learned over time. Allow their achievements to help propel your career forward!

Understand That Your Time is Limited

The average American spends 2.5 hours a day browsing through social media. Why? Because this has become the norm in our society. We encourage you to drop that number below 1. Your time is limited, so why waste it looking at the successful lives of others when you could be putting in the work to create your own success? Put your phone away during the workday, limit your distractions, and give yourself the chance to take your career to the next level. If you don’t, then you should get used to where you’re sitting because that is where you will be five years from now. Growth comes to those that hustle, not to those that stay complacent. 

Every time that you hit a goal, you are one step closer to achieving success. Even better, every time that you watch your team hit a goal, you are one step closer to helping them succeed! What you think matters. The future that you envision for yourself matters. Why? Because you have the ability to be a strong, positive influence on the people around you. By helping them succeed, you are helping yourself succeed. Here at STC Direct, we put value in our people, and this is why we have been so successful over the years. Hopefully, these habits will help you lay a strong foundation for the career you are working to build. Good luck!


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