Meet The Interns Of STC Direct Philly: Part 1

There’s nothing we love more here at STC Direct Philly than nurturing the future minds of the marketing, sales, and communication industries. As part of our company’s mission, we place an extreme focus on aiding in the professional and personal development of our team members, creating more self-aware, mindful, and ambitious community leaders. An internship at STC Direct Philly is unlike many others in the sense that there is no coffee fetching, breakfast grabbing, or grunt work giving involved. Our interns are held to the same standards and expectations as our full-time team members, and accordingly the same pay, benefits, and corporate perks. Why? Because we feel the best way to prepare the brightest collegians in Pennsylvania is by creating an environment comparable to the one they’ll experience after they graduate. Wondering the types of individuals of summer Human Resources internship attracts? Smart, outgoing, and competitive individuals like Ciara and Kori is who!

Ciarra L: Bloomsburg University | Class of May 2018, Communication Studies10922870_904242999587439_2821279654966276606_n

“Before moving to Philadelphia and interning for a human resource position at STC Direct, I spent the majority of my life in Timbuktu (also known as Bloomsburg). Having an older, successful brother as well as having two incredibly supportive parents helped build my drive and motivation. As a child I excelled in activities such as ballet, soccer, and basketball, and in high school was involved in clubs such as drama club, yearbook committee, and the community service organization. In addition to these groups, I also played tennis and used my abnormally tall height as an advantage in high jump for track and field.
After graduating high school, I then went to Bloomsburg University as an undeclared freshman. After changing my major multiple times, I realized Communications was right for me. I’m currently going into my senior year of college and majoring in Communication Studies with a focus in organizational communication. My expected graduation date is May of 2018. After graduating, I hope to pursue a career in human resources. A long term goal of mine is to travel the world and start my own business creating innovative works of art.”


Kori R: Mount St. Mary’s University | Class of May 2018, International Business, Economics & Spanish1902873_973303979382221_8704883924569367654_n
“I was born and raised in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, and as a child was very energetic, happy, and always running around outside. With a love for the outdoors and competition, I was involved in many sports including, gymnastics, dance, soccer, basketball, and track and field. Throughout high school I was involved in the Interact Club, Race for Adam Foundation, Pottstown Rumble, and Marketing Club. I currently am a senior at Mount St. Mary’s University majoring in International business and Economics and minoring in Spanish. I am going to walk the stage this coming May and after graduation plan to take the summer off to travel to places I have never been before. A goal of mine is to see the world and travel to as many countries possible in 90 days. When I’m not traveling you can find me napping!”

Smart, outgoing, and competitive is an understatement after reading about these two girl’s stories, right?! Want to hear more about what Ciara and Kori learned in their internship here at STC Direct Philly and are taking back to school with them for their final semesters?! Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!


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