Meet The Interns Of STC Direct Philly: Part 2

This Summer 2017 at STC Direct Philly, we were blessed to work with 2 young professionals starting to make their mark in the business world – Ciara & Kori. Both Pennsylvania natives, one attending Bloomsburg University and the other Mount St. Mary’s University, the two came to us eager to learn and excited to make a difference. Even with high expectations for a successful internship, the two girls finished their requirements with nothing but the highest praise and best memories of working at STC Direct Philly. Want to know what made their experience so memorable? Ciarra and Kori have the scoop ⬇️⬇️

Ciara L: Bloomsburg University | Class of May 2018, Communication Studies

“STC Direct Philly was the ideal place to intern at to gain marketing experience and to push myself. I found out about the company through a referral from a friend and accepted the internship to primarily gain more recruiting, interviewing, and field experience. I particularly enjoyed the work environment the most here at STC Direct. Everyone within the organization is so kind and friendly – we’re like one giant family! Aside from work, you can catch all of us at the bowling alley or even in a crazy paintball war. In addition to the wonderful friends I’ve made here, the work environment is also extremely positive. From playing music and games in the morning, it’s hard not to leave the office with a huge grin on your face. While interning, I learned more about recruiting and interviewing processes, the fundamentals behind a sales pitch, and how to maintain a positive work attitude. STC Direct has provided so much growth for me personally that I consider myself to be much more responsible, as well as independent. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to intern for such a positive and hard-working company!”

Kori R: Mount St. Mary’s University | Class of May 2018, International Business, Economics & Spanish

I accepted this internship because I knew it would give me the experience I needed for my future endeavors. Everyone here was very supportive and helpful to me. They are willing to answer my millions of questions and wanted me to learn and grow as a person and soon to be working professional. What I liked most about this internship was the team environment and how supportive everyone is of each other. The energetic atmosphere in the office keeps me motivated while working. I learned a lot during this internship including improved communication, public speaking, and computer system skills. I have also grown a lot as an individual in regards to holding myself accountable and becoming a more responsible person. The skills I have learned here are beneficial to me not only in the long run but also now as a student. I plan to use my newly developed time management skills to help me have a more productive study schedule at school my last year.”

As sad as we are to not see these two in our office everyday, we’re grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them the last three months and have had some sort of impact in their professional development. Ciara and Kori – thank you for coming to STC Direct Philly with an open mind and a hunger to learn. You two were the best students and we can’t wait to see all you accomplish as seniors and graduates. Congratulations on a successful summer internship!


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