Tom Gottlieb’s Countdown to October

October will mark a big month for STC Direct’s Assistant Manager, Tom Gottlieb. In that one month, he will be celebrating not only his half-century on this earth, but also his one-year with our team. Born and raised in Avondale, Pennsylvania (the mushroom capital of the world), Gottlieb may not yet be a husband, but he has surely made some vows. Gottlieb would describe himself as “married to [himself], [his] goals, and [his] future.”

This month, we sat down with Tom to discuss his progression with STC Direct, his future, and his past.

What was your childhood dream job?

“As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor. When I was young, I was hospitalized for a few years and because of that experience, I knew I wanted to save lives. As I got older, I realized that it would take a huge toll on my personal life, so I pivoted. I decided I wanted to open a restaurant, following the footsteps of my father who is a chef, and now that goal has evolved into owning a bar.”

“At a young age, I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. I was hospitalized for a few years and could not play sports until I was in sixth grade. In my mind, I should be dead, so this is not really a disadvantage. I view this as a reason I need to live a successful life.”

What did you do after high school?

“I went straight to college and attended The Fox School of Business at Temple University. The experience changed me a lot. I spent time away from home and really found myself. I joined a fraternity, played sports, joined clubs, and made a ton of new friends. The biggest take away school gave me is that life is really a ‘do it yourself’ type of thing and there are no right or wrong answers to anything.”

What is your greatest skill?

“My greatest skill is communication. Simply being open, willing, and able to talk about anything. Without communication, we can never move forward as a team. Being able to properly understand each other’s goals and communicate what needs to be done is huge for my team. Along with communication comes accountability. Once goals are defined, individuals now have to push themselves to attain them.”

Are you more team-oriented or more independently-motivated?

“Team-oriented. I never want to go to the field and watch somebody else make no money while I do. It’s all about helping each other reach our goals. It takes a village to promote a chief, nobody can get where they want to be alone.”

How has your career grown since starting at the company?

“I have found a means to an end, something I can see myself doing for a long time. My career has clear goals and destinations now. Before, I just had dreams and ideas, now I have something that will get me there.”

What values are important to you in a teammate or hiree?

“Work ethic and attitude– somebody who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I will do anything for a teammate, but the street goes two ways.”

What is your leadership style?

“I would say that I set the pace and act as a visionary. I never want others to do something I would not do myself. That stems from my mother when I was growing up. She would never make me try food she has never tried. I speak about my goals and motivate others to attain success and greatness with me. I never want my success to be alone.”

How do you respond to criticism?

“The only way you can, by improving. Adapt or die.”

What is your favorite thing about your company?

“My favorite thing? I feel as though I have an employer who genuinely cares about my success and well-being. I trust Justin with my life. I cannot say that about many people.”

What drew you to your company in the first place?

“I needed experience and money. I always wanted to do sales because I wanted to be able to prove my own worth. When I interviewed, I asked every company if 70k in the first year was doable and STC Direct said it was doable for those willing to work for it. That was huge for me.”

Are you a planner? What are your short-term and long-term goals?

“I don’t like to plan much; I like to live in the present. My short-term goal would be to open my own office. My midterm goal would be to find a partner in crime to share life with. My long-term goal would be to open up a concert venue, brew my own beer, and turn that place into one of the most well-known clubs.”

What business advice would you give to people hoping to start a career?

“You must commit yourself. Time is precious. Pick something and commit. No matter what it is, you will find success if you practice diligence and commitment.”

Would you recommend this career style to young leaders?

“Yes, prove your worth each day. I do not like people that want handouts or short cuts. If you put the work in, the reward feels so much better.”

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date?

“One of my greatest accomplishments is throwing the first pitch out at a Phillies game. I did a philanthropy event and just like everything else I do, I put my all into the event. I ended up raising the most money by selling the most tickets, and I was awarded with throwing out the first pitch of a game. I did a lot of philanthropy in college and all the events always helped people in need.”

How do you measure your own performance and success?

“Am I happy with myself? Am I enjoying what I am doing? If I am happy – I am successful.”

Who inspires you?

“My little brothers inspire me. I want them to be able to look up to me as they grow up and follow in my footsteps. They are eight and seven right now. I never had somebody I really wanted to be like growing up and I want to give them something I never had.”

A highly spiritual person, Tom Gottlieb believes in energy and positivity, and that is what drives his vision for STC Direct. A fan of meditation and a dabbler in mind control, Gottlieb is also a natural extrovert. If he walked into a room of one hundred people, he’d walk out with one hundred new friends- at least that’s what his mom would say.

Thanks for all you do, Tom! Let’s start the countdown to October.


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