Meet Matthew: Account Manager, Dreamer, Beatboxer

It’s that time- the time when our STC Direct team takes a moment to appreciate what makes us great. We would be nowhere without the hard work of our incredible team members. This month, we sat down with Account Manager, Matthew Lee, to discuss business, success, and what brought him to the STC Direct team.

Matthew Lee was born in Newport News, Virginia. He is proud to say that he is the first in his family to be born in America! Despite being born in Virginia, Lee spent most of his life in the Philadelphia area. “As a kid, my parents would describe me as outgoing,” says Lee, “I always surround myself with people, and I might be a little too extroverted for their liking, but that’s just who I am.” During his high school years, Lee sharpened his competitive edge on the swim team. “I picked up swimming as a sophomore in high school,” says Lee, “I joined the team to better myself and my health. Through my journey, I lost 60 pounds in one year! That environment helped me create a healthier mental mindset and it gave me the will power to overcome even the hardest of obstacles. I’ve learned that any changes you make have to be full-hearted otherwise the change that you’re trying to make doesn’t come into fruition.”

After high school graduation, Lee packed his bags and headed for Drexel University. Aside from his schoolwork, Lee devoted his time to explore his hobbies and musical interests. Beyond his work as an account manager, Matthew Lee was ranked 9th in the country for beatboxing in 2010 and 2011! “In college, I had no idea I would end up in this field,” says Lee, “but based on the personality I have, it was actually perfectly suited for me.  I always want to prove myself and this job is always about proving yourself in the field.”

“One life experience that shaped me was the epiphany I had, pushing me to become the best version of me. I wanted to change myself so bad because my mental health was at such a low point. I put blood sweat and tears to change my whole lifestyle. After clinical diagnosis, I started surrounding myself with positive supportive people and let go of all my past regrets. I want to become a hero in my own novel of life and leave a mark in history after I’m long gone. All in all, this is what I learned about change: if you want to change, you have to make it happen on your own time and not anybody else’s.”

On November 13th, 2018, Matthew Lee joined the STC Direct team. Since that day, the Account Manager has not stopped working and has proven to have not only a warm and positive energy but a clad-iron work ethic. “The job has been quite an experience since I joined the team,” says Lee, “I have never had such a family-oriented vibe from any other company. The energy is contagious and the motivated individuals I work with always give me an extra boost of energy. This company has the best environment I’ve experienced and all the support from my boss Justin Sgro. Big shout out for Justin because he guides me in the right direction every time I take a step towards doubt.”

“My best memory was when Justin challenged me for a sales record I personally hadn’t been able to reach yet. He believed in my capabilities so much that I started to believe in myself.  I went out and achieved that goal he set for me and pushed myself to go beyond my limits. Having such a supportive boss and team creates great memories every day. I’ve learned especially at this office is that it’s not all about the job but the people you work with. The importance of those relationships and supporting one another.”

As for his goals, Matthew Lee knows exactly what he wants. “My goal with the company is to get promoted and have my own office. I want to give the same opportunity to others just like Justin has done for me.”


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