2018 Recap: 365 Days of Success

As we prepare to finish the final quarter of 2018, we can’t help but reminisce on the past 350+ days of success. Milestones were achieved, promotions received, and memories made here at STC Direct Philly by the team we call family. Let’s take a look back and commemorate all that was accomplished this year! 


Brian and Emma ended 2017 with a bang by being promoted to Assistant Management, and continued onward into the first and second quarter of 2018 with their promotions to management! Brian stayed local, spearheading a new campaign here in Philly, while Emma and a select group relocated to New Jersey to help our client, Verizon, expand further East. 

Our promotions didn’t stop there, though! We are proud to also reflect on Dana’s promotion to Assistant Management. Her loyalty and dedication to the company over the last years, coupled with her results, earned her this promotion and future promotion to Management in early 2019. Watch out world; we’re growing.


We took it one step further this year and won our industry-exclusive “Campaign Cup” EVERY. SINGLE. QUARTER! Not only did STC Direct rank as the #1 firm for sales and direct marketing on behalf of our client, but also served as a force to reckoned with in the telecommunications industry. These honors would not have been possible without such a talented, focused team.

Our very own CEO, Justin Sgro, was invited to speak at our client broker’s annual “Keys to Success” conference held in Atlanta, GA. On stage, he spoke in front of hundreds on how to stay motivated and how to be an effective leader, offering tips to success and inspiration! The three-day conference was an excellent platform for networking with other leaders in our field and catching up with old colleagues.


What better way to celebrate all these accolades than through travel?! This year we crossed both national and international borders, venturing to Atlanta in January and Dallas in July for nationally-held marketing/sales conferences. These served not only as a great platform to hone our leadership skills but also a chance for our team to discover the Peach and Lone Star State.

With a motto of “work hard, play hard,” you better believe we did just that! Considering the milestones we hit this year, what better way to celebrate than some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation?! We treated our top performers to an all-expenses-paid weekend trip to both Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and spent our time discovering these beautiful countries, hanging out with colleagues, and refreshing our tan lines.

While the promotions, awards, and travel are all tremendous physical manifestations of our hard work and effort, what we are most proud of is intangible. Our team unity, commitment to our clients, and our devotion to results here at STC Direct Philly are what will carry our team into 2019 and beyond. We know that by continuing to hire high-caliber candidates and maintaining our integrity, there are no limits to our success.

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