One Year Strong: Meet Sam Baskin, Our Account Manager Celebrating His STC Anniversary!

Meet Sam Baskin, an account manager here at STC Direct!

Sam Baskin was born in Abington, Pennsylvania, moving out into Montgomery County at the age of four. As a kid, Baskin struck a balance between the outgoing social side of himself and the introvert within him. “I had ADHD as a child,” says Baskin, “so I was a bit secluded, always paying attention to other people’s conversations. Having a social problem at a young age forced me to analyze other people’s conversations, and I would repeat it with the way I spoke to people.” While Baskin spent his high school years playing basketball and soccer, he recalls “not being much of a sports guy.” Instead, he found his competitive edge elsewhere. “I only have one sister,” says Baskin, “so that creates a natural sibling competition. I would notice that my sister was doing everything right, had straight A’s, and was popular. I felt a bit reliant on people, but I wanted to be independent and be the best I could be.”

Baskin graduated high school in 2015 and went on to take a well-deserved gap year. He saved up money to get his own place and went on to study at a local community college for a full year. “I realized I needed more money, so I went to work,” says Baskin. Prior to starting his career with STC Direct, Baskin worked a variety of jobs including serving, construction, landscaping, and cooking. “My friend referred me to STC and I hesitant,” says Baskin, “honestly, my first day was terrible- I didn’t make any sales until 9pm. But I quickly fell into the ways of the business and grew to love it.” Baskin started with the company in November of 2017, and coming up on his one-year anniversary, Baskin can reflect on his success.

“The business environment was so refreshing,” says Baskin, “I was petrified at first, but down the line, I warmed up and got more comfortable. When I started to hear about management training, it opened my mind.”

In his year with the company, Baskin has had plenty of experiences contributing to his professional success. “I learned the psychology behind people,” says Baskin, “learning to talk to them and analyzing ways to interact with people has been rewarding.”

Coming up on his one-year anniversary, Baskin sees his goals clearly. “I want to get promoted to ownership,” says Baskin, “this has been a goal of mine ever since the regional conference. I want to become an owner and a consultant, and I see no reason why I can’t.”

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