One On One Interview with Saul Lopez

In early September, our team had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one interview with Saul Lopez, an account manager here at STC Direct. STC Direct is a marketing and professional sales firm headquartered in Philadelphia. The firm specializes in customer service and increasing brand awareness. Saul Lopez is an account manager with the firm tasked with team building, interviewing, training, and more. However, his motivation to succeed can be traced back long before his career began with the STC team.

Born in Andalusia, Spain, Lopez would go on to grow up in cities all over the United States. As a child, Lopez was extremely introverted, citing himself as a huge bookworm. However, the middle school and high school years would prove to transform Lopez into the extroverted individual he is today. “In middle school, I started getting involved in sports,” says Lopez, “I played football, baseball, and wrestled- it pushed me to become more of an extroverted guy.”

While he proved to be a skilled and enthusiastic athlete, his interest in sports paled in comparison to his true passion- architecture. Lopez would go on to earn a degree in architecture on a full ride scholarship, work as a Junior Architect for a year and a half, and open up his own business doing custom millwork. “I had a drafting internship and formed a great relationship with the lead architect and owner of the company,” says Lopez, “that inspired me to pursue this as a career on my own.”

Lopez’s company brought great success and experience for the budding professional, eventually closing down shop after seven years. “I just realized that family was more important than working 120 hours a week,” says Lopez, “I sold off my client list and spent the next year spending time with my family.” However, after that one year, Lopez began to feel the working itch creep up again, sending him on a fresh job hunt. After searching the job field and seeking out related companies, Lopez was led to STC Direct. “It happened fast,” says Lopez, “I was offered a position to move out to Philly with a new office. I started a year and three months ago, and we are really getting things done, it’s amazing what you can do with strong work ethic.”

His time with the STC Direct team has been nothing but positive and productive, largely in part because of the team’s mentality. “The culture is one of my favorite aspects of STC,” says Lopez, “Everyone looks out for each other like family, everyone is looking to succeed and be promoted.” That drive to succeed is not absent in Lopez, who cites his goals with confidence and determination. “My goals are to get promoted and open up my own office,” says Lopez, “I want to provide opportunity for others, and help others grow. If I can touch your life and make it better, it seems like I’m doing my job.”

While only a year and three months have passed since Lopez walked through the doors of STC Direct, his lessons learned are many. “Patience is key,” says Lopez, “That is something I have gained by working in this field for the first time. I have grown my ability to work with other people and learn about the diversity of others.”

When Lopez’ is not working hard in the office of STC Direct you can find him exploring local breweries or playing paintball. “I’m a huge craft beer guy,” says Lopez, “I used to live in Phoenixville, which is the city with the most breweries in America.”

Lopez’s advice to others in the industry is simple, “this is an opportunity for you to grow, embrace that. There is such organic growth within the company, you just have to give it time and work hard.”


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