Focused On The Future: Meet Franchesca

With a new batch of post-college students having emerged into the workforce last month, our team at STC Direct Philly grew by some of the brightest minds in the area. One of them in particular, Franchesca Liberatoscioli, newest Human Resources Recruiter at STC Direct Philly, is already making waves here just weeks after walking the stage at Ursinus College.

We sat down with Franchesca and got to know her better in this month’s team member Q&A!

Alright, Franchesca, welcome to the team & the family! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Thanks! I was raised in Malvern, PA as the oldest of 4 siblings. The 4 of us are all within 8 years of each other so my house was always lively and energetic. We’re an active family, so I grew up playing field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. I was fortunate to become a collegiate athlete in lacrosse and played for all 4 years, even serving as captain my senior year. Athletics taught me a lot about time management and being a 2-time all-conference selection helped me appreciate performance-based environments.

What did you study at school and how did it prepare you for working at STC Direct?
I studied Media & Communications and got my minor in coaching. I’ve always been passionate about working with people and finding the best ways to communicate with them. I chose coaching because I thrive in a team environment and wanted to learn best how to motivate and lead. My major and minor prepared me extensively for a career at STC in that I had a foundation for expressing myself professionally. Whether it’s a one on one conversation with a prospective candidate or speaking with our CEO, Justin, I’m confident my message comes across every time!
What’s one of the first things you noticed about working at STC Direct?
I saw how team oriented the environment was and how focused everyone was on meeting their goals. There was no “we might achieve this.” From the executive team down, everyone was aggressive about what they were going to achieve and when. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family (my parents and grandparents own a carpet business) so I was inspired to work with people who are on a mission and passionate about what they’re doing.
What do you do when you’re not helping recruit the future of our company?!
I like to hang out with friends, hike with my 3 dogs, and still play lacrosse. I actually coach a lacrosse club, too, that helps girls get recruited to play in college! I absolutely love doing that and spend almost every weekend in the summer giving back to the sport I love so much. If I have free time, I’ll put Stranger Things on the TV and check out what’s new with the Kardashians!
Franchesca, your energy is contagious and your commitment to our team noteworthy! Congratulations on being named as STC Direct’s newest Human Resources Recruiter. We can’t wait to see what all you accomplish in your new role!

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