When Winning Is A Habit 🏅

There’s no doubt about it – we’re a competitive bunch here at STC Direct…and we like it that way! Similiar to a sports organization, we draft the best players, train hard, motivate, coach, and win, and much like our Philadelphia Eagles, we keep our eye on the prize and give our best every day out on the field!

Though competition is a natural by-product of our athletic bunch, there are certain times of the year when that cranks up a notch and our client or management team roll out a big nationwide contest! Needless to say, when our client announced a “March Madness-inspired tournament,” we immediately started lacing up our sneakers! It was then that Assistant Manager, Brian Ferguson, started plotting how he would take home the championship!

6 weeks later and the proud winner of a custom-fit suit and a $1,000 bonus, we sat down with Brian to pick his brain and ask him what helped him sweep the competition!

Alright, Brian, first off, what was your strategy?

With the contest being based on sales performance week by week, I knew I had to intimidate my competition on the opening day of the week. Rather than waiting until the end of the week to crank it up, I made sure to come out of the gates hot and start the week strong sales-wise! Those in my bracket knew on day 1 that I had outperformed their production 2, 3, 4x and instantly lost confidence. This mentality that my performance had to be nothing short of stellar on the first day of each week really drove me further into the bracket!

What kept you focused through a 6-week competition? 

I had a goal that was bigger than the prizes. As amazing as both of those are, I also knew I had something even larger to work towards and that was being promoted to management by the end of the summer. With that goal driving me and wanting to set the example for my team and the office, I had no choice but to show out in this contest!

What do you bring to the office on top of your competitiveness?

I believe that I bring experience and great training. Seeing as how I’ve been with STC Direct for close to 4 years, I am experienced in our client’s services, our company’s systems, and training standards. I have learned over time that I’m great at giving consistent training, which helps my colleagues perform well in office and nation-wide contests too!

What advice do you have for those entering a contest at work?

My advice is to learn how to maintain a positive attitude and work ethic. Every day won’t always pan out how you want it to professionally, but if you maintain your attitude despite challenges and keep working hard, things will turn around in your favor! It’s what worked for me in this March Madness contest knowing that one hour, day, or customer wouldn’t determine if I won or not; it would be my performance and mindset throughout the contest!

Brian, you’re an incredible force in our office and we are proud of you for not only placing 1st in this contest and representing STC Direct but for being such a great example of leadership for your peers. Keep up the great work and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see Brian in his newly tailored suit!


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