She’s One Smart Cookie 🍪: Frances Emembolu

It is TRULY amazing the level of talent that makes up STC Direct. While our Management Training Program has boasted former professional athletes, individuals from the brightest schools across the country, and experienced business professionals, working with Frances Emembolu was the first time we’ve had a lawyer employed by our organization. A decision we’ve come to celebrate daily since her start with us last July!

Born in the eastern region of Nigeria in a town called Onitsha, Frances grew up in a small, loving family composed of her mother, her father, and soon to follow younger brother! Moving to the northern region of the country when she was 4 she completed her primary and secondary education and soon before her high school graduation began applying to law schools across the country. An additional 5 years of schooling, the bar exam, and thousands of hours studying, Frances was officially a lawyer in her home country!! She began applying for job opportunities, finally accepting an offer with a top firm in Lagos. With a specialty in finance & corporate law, Frances spent the next 6 years working with Templars – a top law firm in Lagos!

When an opportunity presented itself to expand her law practices in England, Frances jumped at the opportunity and worked for both Magic Circle Law Firm and another top US law firm! Gaining more experience in the field, Frances finally made the jump to America to pursue her Masters & 2nd Law Degree from Penn Law (we know, she’s incredible)!

Graduating in May 2017 and on the job hunt for a career that would allow her to use her communication and negotiation skills, Frances found STC Direct online and applied for the firm’s exclusive Management Training Program. On a one-year work visa, she came in with a mission to apply all of her studies and contribute her energy and experience to the entire team at STC Direct! In just 3 short months she has become a crucial part of our leadership team, constantly amazing us with her humor, light-heartedness, quick wit, and relentless work ethic.

When Frances isn’t commuting for an hour to and from work (her commitment is amazing), she enjoys spending her free time reading, knitting, traveling, dancing, and giving back to the community! Prior to STC Direct, she remained busy with organizations such as Penn Law Immigration Rights & Refuge Assistance and the Penn Law Women’s Association & Roundtable! When back in Nigeria, she used to donate her time to non-profits such as Genesis House and Jeans For Generosity – two Nigerian philanthropies very dear to her heart.

Believing that circumstances are temporary so one must either seize or dismiss the odds they are dealt that day, Frances does everything at STC Direct with an air of confidence and self-assuredness – a true intellect and class act. With a positive attitude as radiant as hers, growth is evident for Frances here at STC Direct!


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