Strong, Determined, & Destined For Greatness: Meet Ashley Ferrari

Being a “strong woman” has nothing to do with physical strength, we’ve realized here at STC Direct. It has to do with grace, humility, kindness, and staying true to your convictions; it’s knowing your worth and chasing after your ambitions until they become your reality. When we think of strong women, we think of Ashley Ferrari.

Raised in a household filled with fierce, independent women, Ashley recalls her best childhood memories spent with her older sister, her mom, and grandmother. Taught early on that life is all about how you treat and talk people, Ashley believes these lessons taught to her as a child help her considerably in a career with constant face-to-face interaction.

An outgoing child, Ashley tried her hand at a variety of sports, including basketball and roller hockey, before finding her niche in more student management roles! An avid member of Student Council for all 4 years, Ashley became the youngest to hold the role of “President” during her junior year! Organizing dozens of events during her time in Student Council, Ashley shares a story of a time her team coordinated a powder puff football game on behalf of Operation Angel and fund-raised a record amount of money. Her leadership, much like the mentor-ship from the women in her life, inspired people.

After graduation, Ashley took her studies to Montgomery County Community College and Albright College, receiving her Associates in liberal arts! Starting first with a family-owned electrical company, she took on a Human Resources role helping with all of the administrative and operational responsibilities, as well as employee relations. When her husband was starting his tattoo business, Ashley took on a role as his business partner to help with the back-end operations and customer interaction. Her final role before finding STC Direct Philly was at a quaint breakfast restaurant, managing the front of house and guest relations; all positions that primed her for the Management Training Program at STC Direct.

Starting with the company at the beginning of June 2017, Ashley was offered an opportunity a few weeks later to travel to Dallas for our client broker’s National Conference. Seeing the growth opportunity on a much larger scale, Ashley came back to Philadelphia fired up and more committed to her goals than ever. With intentions of being promoted into a management position in 2018, Ashley’s daily focus is on maximizing her impact and effect on people.

On her days off, Ashley and husband LOVE to travel the country following their favorite band, Pfish, spend time with their fur-baby, Elroy, and family that live in the area! As Ashley’s time with us continues, her influence on our entire team can be felt widespread. We wanted to express our pride in her with this blog and congratulate her on work well done and a bright future here at STC Direct Philly!




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