It’s Been A Big Year…And It’s Not Over Yet!

STC Direct, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a business focused on cultivating leaders and generating results. Without the first the second does not exist; therefore, we strive to mentor & develop professionals into the best versions of themselves, allowing us to have consistent follow-through and results that “WOW” our clients. Our ultimate goal as an organization, and one we feel we’ve mastered so far in 2017, is helping individual team members understand their capabilities. By providing limitless professional development and growth opportunities to every employee at STC Direct, as well as staying aligned with our corporate values of integrity, team work, and urgency, we guarantee our continued progression as an organization! Blog4

2017 so far has been a fantastic year for STC Direct, and we’ve had some amazing achievements so far that have primed our company to expand 4-fold in 2018. First, we were recognized as the #1 office for our client across the entire United States for the 1st and 2nd quarter of this year, making 15 quarters consecutive quarters we have dominated our industry! 


At our client broker’s latest conference, our CEO, Justin, spoke in a breakout meeting about the team’s consistency and exemplary performance. Our Director of Human Resources, Danielle, and Assistant Managers, Emma & Brian, were each recognized as “VIP’s,” earning themselves some quality time with other top sales performers across the country and one-on-one time with our client’s and broker’s CEO, COO, President, and more!

Blog1We’ve also seen some EXTREME team growth, which is possibly the most exciting thing to date this year. As mentioned, we’ve added 2 Assistant Managers to our Executive team, Brian and Emma – talent that is only going to further catapult our organization. In addition, our Management team expanded by 1 – welcome, Jordan 👋 – and our Human Resources Department grew by 3 – hello, Seanna, Quinn, and Jamie!  These additions and added skill-sets allowed us to attend multiple career fairs this year and mentor 2 of the most competent interns we’ve ever had on our team!

Blog5Furthermore, when deciding how else to improve our organization, we on-boarded a new Brand & Website manager, 2 individuals who COMPLETELY revamped our website, social media presence, and online engagement with our team and local community. With a better online footprint, we’ve now allowed STC Direct Philly to be easier found by prospective job seekers and customers.
With still 3 months left in the year, though, we’re obviously just getting started! We have a lot of upcoming goals for the end of the year, helping us explode into 2018. First on our list is having Emma and Brian expand into new markets for our client in January 2018, growing their market share and the STC Direct name outside of Philadelphia. Being theBlog2 competitive office that we are, we aim to win our client’s “Campaign Cup” for  Q3 & Q4, as well as all 4 quarters in 2018. In order to do this, we will do everything we did in 2018 but find new, more progressive ways to come through for our people and offer them the best workplace in Philadelphia. Until then, stay tuned on our Twitter channel for the latest news, promotions, and expansion as we barrel into the New Year! 


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