The Guy To Beat – Meet Brian Ferguson 🤵

The eclectic mix of people at STC Direct is what makes our company exemplary. With a wide range of former athletes, non-profit professionals, hospitality/customer service extraordinaires, and top-notch students from Philadelphia’s finest schools, the dynamic at STC Direct is first-rate. When we met Brian Ferguson 3 years ago, he was the ultimate addition to our mixing pot of personalities!

In North Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days (KIDDING – though he was born in North Philadelphia)! A shy child, Brian recalls having to work at being social but finally mastering it by taking frequent trips to the mall with friends. When he moved to the Northwest side of Pennsylvania at 13, Brian dived into activities such as football, chess club, and even worked on his schools’ farm for 2 years (fun fact – Brian got his green thumb from his grandma). The shy boy now had the gift of gab!

At 18 when his mom gave him options to go to school, join the military, or work, Brian immediately dove into the work force with Vector Marketing! Learning the arts of persuasion, negotiation, and strategic leadership led Brian to work for Comcast for 3 years – a client that taught him about professionalism and generating results. Following Comcast, Brian spent time working with Vivint Home Security – widening his sales experience to include business-to-consumer and retail fields!

Upon finding STC Direct, Brian’s expertise made him a natural for our initial Sales Account Executive position. He quickly excelled through our firm’s Management Training Program and (spoiler alert!) is well on his way to being promoted to an Assistant Management position.

When he’s not working, Brian LOVES traveling (he’s been to 32 of the 50 states), spending time with his significant other of 5 years, shooting pool, playing card games, and hanging out with coworkers! With plans of helping the company expand at the start of 2018, Brian DAILY sets the example for our team through his performance, punctuality, and perseverance.

An absolute rock star at his work and a total pleasure to be around, Brian’s continued dedication to STC Direct is commendable. We could not be more fortunate to be in the company of such a hard worker and wanted to take this time to thank Brian for choosing our organization to build his future with. You make us proud, and we know you’re making your family proud. Follow Brian’s journey with us on Instagram here, cause this guy’s the one to beat!


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