A Positive Attitude Changes Everything: Brett’s Blog

At STC Direct Philly, we believe that 90% of what it takes to be successful in business is having the right attitude.  The ability to preserve optimism, despite trials and tribulations, is the difference between individuals who have fulfilling, challenging careers and personal lives and those that don’t.  Surrounding ourselves with professionals of this caliber has been no easy feat, but upon interviewing Brett back in February, we knew we had found a clear match!

Born in Allentown and raised in Topton, Pennsylvania, Brett grew up the youngest of 4 boys in a bustling, energetic home (as you can imagine!). Born 8 minutes after his twin, Graham, Brett attributes a lot of his competitive spirit to being the youngest sibling and having 3 brothers total, all within 2 1/2 years of each other!  With 2 amazing parents as role models, Brett assumed a knack for sales from his father, who was a stock broker, and patience from his mother (managing 4 boys, you can imagine) – skills he now uses daily in his role as an Account Manager/Team Lead at STC Direct Philly.

A social butterfly, Brett excelled through his childhood – enjoying soccer, basketball, football, and even swimming! His natural communication and people skills led to an enjoyable high school experience – one Brett reflects on fondly and recalls the discipline and respect he learned from Catholic school as solid business lessons he uses today.

A great student, Brett was accepted into the Business School at Bloomsburg University and chose to study marketing in hopes of pursuing his passion for people and sales (he’s finishing his last semester in the Fall of 2017, and we couldn’t be more proud)! Working, even while a full-time student, Brett has held positions over the last 4 years in landscaping, tech-space marketing, and business-to-consumer sales before finally stumbling upon STC Direct Philly.

Seeing the company’s open Management Training Program online, Brett was immediately intrigued by the growth opportunities available after mastering entry level marketing & sales responsibilities. Upon submitting his resume, he received a call from STC Direct Philly’s Human Resources Manager, Danielle, and interviewed with the company’s CEO, Justin – connections he felt immediately and helped him know he was choosing the right career opportunity. After acing his interviews and accepting a full-time position, Brett knew that if he just studied more and work harder than the average individual he would land promotions based on his merit and positive attitude.

3 months later, and true to his word, Brett has been promoted from entry level sales into an Account Manager position where he is now learning the art of leadership and how to successfully oversee a sales team of 5-10 people. Recently recognized in front of hundreds at our client broker’s conference in Atlantic City, Brett is now seen as a top-performing Team Lead within STC Direct Philly and a pace-setter, both for the office and client.

When he’s not working, you can find Brett gearing up for his last semester at school, hanging out with his friends up at college, his significant other, or his 3 brothers, Will, Ross, and Graham. We couldn’t be more proud to work with someone with such a positive mindset, strong work ethic, and contagious energy and encourage you to keep a close eye on Brett’s career here at STC Direct Philly through our Instagram feed! Congratulations on being recognized as May’s “Rising Star”, Brett, and keep up the amazing work!


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